About Us

I have been a military spouse for the past 28 plus years and married to the love of my life.  It has been an amazing journey filled with many joys and challenges.   It is an experience that continues to hold a special place in my heart. 

I (at the age of 50) have decided to step out, with my three incredibly talented daughters, on a journey and dream that I have had for many years.  A dream not only to start a business, but to also encourage others to follow their own personal dreams.  

My mother was a loving, Godly woman and committed her life to caring for her family for over 50 years.  Amongst our many conversations, she once said to me,  “Don’t give up on your dreams.”  Our store, Keepin’ Breezy, is a tribute to her and all of you that have put your dreams on hold.  Our mission is not only to clothe you with confidence, but to empower you to follow your heart and encourage others to do the same. 


“The best way to empower others is
To walk with them when they are young,
Encourage them when they are discouraged
And inspire them to be all they can be.”
~Dee Dee Doherty-Keepin’ Breezy